How do I know if I have to do an investigation?

Once your company is aware that inappropriate behavior may be taking place, an investigation must be performed.

Can an investigation create more liability?

Employers can be held liable for what they should have known. Therefore, conducting an investigation can help mitigate and protect an employer from incurring further liability.

Do we need to hire an outside party for the investigation to be objective?

Although using an outside party is allowed, it can be difficult and expensive to locate an external resource in a timely manner. Employers may certainly conduct their own investigations.

What questions should be asked?

Employers must avoid questions that are discriminatory or insinuate a presumption of guilt. InvestiPro provides interview questions designed to obtain the necessary information in a compliant manner.

Is hiring a consultant to perform an investigation expensive?

Hiring an attorney, investigator or HR Consultant can cost $2000 to $20,000! The investiPro solution is affordable and available on-demand to meet your investigation needs when you need it most.