InvestiPro Platform Features

InvestiPro offers a complete workplace investigation platform for consistent, accurate, and unlimited investigations. Including:

  • Unlimited Investigations
  • Guided Interviews
  • Online Training
  • Investigator Support
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A Better Way to Investigate

InvestiPro was created by HR professionals, for HR and Managers looking to simplify and automate their employee investigation process. From filing a complaint to final determination, you can ensure consistent, timely, and compliant HR investigation across your entire organization.

Investigation Preparations

Before beginning an investigation, a summary of related laws explains the reason why an investigation is necessary. Guidance on the investigation process is provided to ensure a successful and compliant investigation conclusion.

Record Employee Complaints

The InvestiPro platform asks the questions necessary to clearly document the details of the complaint and the parties involved in the incident(s) that require an investigation.

Investigation Planning

The Plan automatically populates using the details in the complaint, and allows for customization. Legal notices are created for each participant in the investigation.

Guided Interview Questions

The interview sections are customized for the complainants, accused, and witnesses. Relevant questions are provided, clarifying questions may be added, and a credibility assessment process is included in each interview.

Assessment Tools

The assessment page provides an overview of the responses and credibility observations, and asks the necessary questions required to determine if there is sufficient evidence to substantiate the complaint.


The determination page recaps the information behind the final determination for review by the decision maker. Suggested corrective and preventative actions are listed for each party and final notices are generated for the victim(s) and accused only. A fully documented final report is provided at the conclusion of the investigation.
“The InvestiPro workplace investigation process ensures a more positive outcome for our company.”
Robin S. – Office Manager, RH USA, Inc.

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