Complainant Or Complainer? 5 Ways To Find Out

In every organization, there are those employees who are very comfortable coming into the HR office and sharing every detail of what is going on with the other employees. These are often referred to as “serial complainers” who revel in drama and like to make every incident or interaction seem bigger than it is. Although […]

Does This Require An Investigation?

The answer seems to depend on who you ask. Some will give you the definition of what requires an investigation under harassment discrimination laws. Others will say that you should only conduct an investigation when it is absolutely clear that an investigation is legally required, in order to avoid shining light on the situation. Most […]

Isn’t Reverse Discrimination Actually Just Discrimination?

On December 15, 2016, The California Court of Appeal ruled to reverse a sexual orientation discrimination claim, allowing the case to now proceed to trial. In Hardy vs. Watts Healthcare Corp., Hardy alleged that her supervisor treated gay men, men in general and lesbians more favorably than heterosexual women, including her. It is not often […]

2016; An Example Of Need For Harassment Prevention

Looking back on 2016, I was saddened by the onslaught of news stories covering lawsuits and settlements related to sexual harassment and discrimination. Of course there were the big suits that received most of the media attention, Fox News, Chipotle Grill, Mc Donald’s Corp., etc. But it seemed that the small to mid-sized companies were […]