Can Your Company Afford $22,500 In Lost Productivity…Per Employee?

Over the weekend, I came across an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review titled, Why We Fail to Report Sexual Harassment. The article addressed the fact that despite employer efforts to train staff and investigate complaints, the majority of employees affected by harassment, whether victims or bystanders, do not report the incidents. That fact […]

5 Reasons To Use Technology For Your Workplace Investigations

No one likes conducting workplace investigations. Not Managers or HR Professionals, not attorneys, not even most Private investigators. Why? Because they take a great deal of time and resources. Both human and financial resources. There is always a bit of fear involved. Fear of saying something wrong and creating more liability. Fear of the chaos […]

Is McDonalds Corp. A Co-Employer Of Franchise Employees?

Independent franchise owners need to watch for the court decision on this as it could have wide spread implications. As explained in this article published yesterday by SHRM, 15 Employees filed sexual harassment claims in which McDonalds Corp. was named a co-employer. Needless to say, the outcome of this will have a serious impact on […]

InvestiPro Mentioned In Top 5 HR Tech Conference Moments

Not only did Steve Boese, Conference Chairman, vote for InvestiPro as the Next Great HR Technology Company last week at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago, he included us in his Top 5 Moments at the Conference. Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company While HR Tech, and plenty of other shows, have done […]