2016; An Example Of Need For Harassment Prevention.

Looking back on 2016, I was saddened by the onslaught of news stories covering lawsuits and settlements related to sexual harassment and discrimination. Of course there were the big suits that received most of the media attention, Fox News, Chipotle Grill, Mc Donald’s Corp., etc. But it seemed that the small to mid-sized companies were […]

KPMG Settles With The OFCCP To Pay $420K To Asian Applicants

KPMG Settles With The OFCCP To Pay $420K To Asian Applicants

Last week, KPMG (one of the big four accounting and audit firms) agreed to pay $420,000 to 60 qualified Asian applicants who were allegedly not hired due to their race/ethnicity. The firm entered a conciliation agreement with the DOL/Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) after applicant and hiring data was found to have had […]

Personal Liability A Real Fear for HR Professionals

Personal Liability: A Real Fear For HR Professionals

Personal liability is nothing new to HR professionals. Since 2012, it has been very clear that both managers and HR employees can be held personally liable for retaliatory measures related to discrimination and harassment claims. This information is generally included in our Discrimination and Sexual Harassment training. But in case you don’t know why, here […]

Take Back Your Summer With This Special Offer

Take Back Your Summer With This Special Offer

Summer is a busy time for HR people (like most of the year). As fellow HR professionals, we want you to enjoy the Summer. Investipro can reduce your average time by 30% per investigation, while ensuring a consistent and compliant outcome. Take advantage of your free upgrade to a Platinum Plan when you buy any […]

Workplace Investigations Improve Company Culture

Workplace Investigations Improve Company Culture. Really?

Over the last few months, I have been speaking at regional HR meetings on the topic of “Using Workplace Investigations to Drive Employee Engagement and Improve Company Culture. And although I hear some skepticism on how this could be possible, attendance has been at very high levels. When talking to the attendees, I am hearing […]